Thursday, December 31, 2015

Errata and Clarifications 1

Hola people,

So, this is technically post 25, and I wanted to go back and review some of my old stuff and look and see what needs clarified, or things that I've changed on or got wrong before.

Let's hit it:

Post: Faith vs trust and morals vs ethics...

I stand by by definitions, but my examples could have used some more thought.  Specifically, my what would be a moral vs an ethical decision.  This description bothered me since I wrote it.  Here is a better example.  Masturbation (either for or against) would more often be a moral decision.  It is something that (usually) only involves one person and not actions within a group.  If you were on a deserted island, you would have no ethical decisions as there would not be anyone to interact with.  You might still have moral decisions, but they would only become that when reflected by others.  You could, for example, masturbate everyday at noon under a certain tree.  No one could care, and it wouldn't affect anyone else either.  But this behavior could ONLY be a moral issue, not an ethical one because it only involves a persons personal behavior.

Post: Smartphones for early 2014

Mostly OK on this one, except no saphire screens on the iPhones, and they did come out with the iPhone 6 Plus with a 5.5 inch screen.  Otherwise, not too far off on the other stuff.

Post: Presuppositional apologetics nuclear bomb.

A.k.a pragmatism.

Post: The Historicity of Steve of Columbus.

OK, wrong "Paul".  It was another Saul in the OT that spoke with the donkey.  Paul just had a visitation with Jesus after a night of drinking with some newly met strangers on the road to Damascus that no one else saw.

I think that was it.

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