Saturday, February 15, 2014

Debates about beliefs


So I have listened to a couple of debates (about religious beliefs), and in fact I'm listening to the radio "debate" between Matt Dillahunty and Ray Comfort right now (on YouTube - via darkviper8888.  It occurred sometime at the beginning of this month (February 2014). 

I have to say that I can understand why Matt now says that he won't debate Ray ever again.  Matt keeps asking direct questions and Ray keeps not answering them.  In fact, Ray keeps making statements like 'atheists know god exists and just choose to not trust him' and 'atheists are not trustworthy, but I love you and want you to know that you are going to hell'. 

And then there is the flat out lie by Ray.  I've been watching the Atheist Experience show archive on ( and recently heard the episode where Ray Comfort called in and debated Russel Glasser and Matt Dillahunty.  Towards the end of the debate, Matt asked Ray if he thought that slavery was acceptable and moral because Exodus 21-23 not only say that you can own other people as property but how you can make other Jews your slaves forever.  Ray then said that he didn't believe everything in the bible and that some of it was metaphorical (sic).  Since I"m on YouTube here is a link to the page on there -  In this debate, Ray states that the bible is entirely true and right and all things in it are of God.

So I guess here is another "atheist" post from me.  Maybe tomorrow I'll talk about something else. 


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