Thursday, February 13, 2014

I'm torn about a topic for today...


So I am torn about what to talk about today. 

The crux of the dilemma is really more about what I want to talk about versus what it more timely.  I don't necessarily want this blog to dissolve into a counter apologetics page (per-se, in that I think the real motivation for starting this was wanting to more openly talk about skeptical reasoning and there is a lot of theist stuff that irritates me on that front), but my topic from last night had me thinking about this some more.

So I think instead of talking about my brief comparisons of the rumors of the Galaxy S5 and iPhone 6 compared in how they are aimed at the spec mongers who are itching for every last bit of info, I think I'm going to put that aside for now (since, for no other reason the iPhone 6 is really a bit far off at this point).

So yesterday's footnote (about domestic camels in Israel) seems to not be "new", in that the theory has been around for a while (some people have, I have heard, been arguing that for around 100 years now) but that more recent findings seem to support that idea.  Radio-carbon dating of the oldest bones that have been discovered in Israel date to about 930 BCE.  

I don't really think this is some kind of deal breaker for Old Testament/Torah (OT) believers, but it certainly puts a wrench in the literalists ideologies. If you take the biblical text to be more metaphorical then there is little issue with a re-write that puts a domestic animal in a place they didn't live and when they didn't live there.

Awe screw it.  I think I'm just tired.  As it stands now I'm pecking this out when I should really be in bed.  I had a point in there somewhere that I'm just not in the mood to make tonight.  Though to get it out of my system sometime tomorrow, I think I'll post some counter apologetics sites that I've been checking out lately and share some of the YouTube channels I've been watching.  Then maybe at some point I'll start talking about more stuff. 

But then maybe I just can't get behind this camel story either...  It seems rather footnote-y


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