Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Quality over quantity

Hey all,

So I've decided that I need to shoot (for now) for two good posts a week as a base.  I'm not really using the blog to talk about my day to day stuff (that's what twitter and Facebook statuses seemed to be used for) so I think I need to look at a different strategy for this.  Right now I have no idea (I do see some page views of my posts) but I half think those are incidental or accidental (and the page views have been going down some each day (give or take).

Something got under my skin a couple of days ago and I'm trying to decide two things.  First, do I really care enough.  Second, what do I do about it if I do.  It's not a huge issue but it has some potential to make things irritating at work.

So in the last month or so, on at least two separate occasion, I've walked past a fax machine/copier in the office that appeared to be jammed. (big red light flashing on it indicating there was a problem).  Both times no one was around so I have no idea who was doing what to it, but I know that that machine has some problems sometimes but we still get a lot of inbound faxes on it (don't get me started on paper faxing in 2014...).  Being conscientious I decide to see if I can clear the jam to let the job finish a prevent stuff from backing up in the storage on the machine. 

I remove the pages that are stuck and close up the unit.  As it starts working again I see that there is a copy job (with stapling) that still has about 20 copies left.  What, do you imagine, is the copy job?  It's a list of biblical quotes on a (what seems like) a bunch of random topics (love, salvation, grief, faith, etc.). 

#1.  Do I care.  Here is my problem.  I don't think someone should be using company property to run off a bunch of personal copies (which are probably for some church group that they belong to).  Had it been one time I can see it if you can't run to the copy store, but twice in a month, with at least 20 copies of a 4-5 page packet) seems excessive.  I suspect I might know who it is (BTW).  I also don't like the fact that the machine was just left like that and no one called on IT (or anyone as far as I can tell) to fix it.  It seems like they "know better".

#2.  If I do care, what do I do about it?  Go to the person I suspect and make them aware that I believe it was them and they shouldn't (at least) leave the machine like that?  Go to my boss and let them deal with it?  Go to the person's boss?  Tell out IT department about it?

I don't want to create a situation where no one can run copies of their missing cat flier, or print off their bill payment confirmations, and what-not, but I also don't want to keep clearing out paper jams that other people leave behind.  I suspect that confronting the person I believe to be responsible would result in denials, but they then may just send them to a different machine or something. 

At then end of the day (at least this one) I'm thinking that I really don't care that much, but I've been a little irritated about it for a couple of days now...


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